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"Líníocht le Solas"

I'm so grateful to WGOA for having faith in me as an artist and commissioning my work and a special shout out to everyone of this fab team for their support & encouragement. It is slightly bittersweet to remove it from the gallery but I am proud and happy that so many enjoyed it.

In this short video clip I describe my inspiration for creating this installation which includes the lovely birdsong soundtrack, enjoy:)

On another note, it is now available for other suitable venues so please reach out to me if interested:)
an immersive Ligthbox installation creating a tranquil escape from city life it where you can enjoy native birdsong while your minds eye wanders thro the magical woodland of Woodstock Gardens

"Líníocht le Solas", my newly commisioned light installation, is on view at Waterford Gallery of Art as part of 'A Survey of a Landscape' exhibition.

Drawing with Light, the very definition of photography and translation of the Irish title "Líníocht le Solas", describes my whole ethos as without light there is no image!!
Enjoy moments of woodland solitude accompanied by native birdsong; a little escape away from the bustle of normal city life:)
Open Weds - Saturdays 10-5pm from 4th May until 4th November at WGOA, 31-32 O’Connell St, Waterford.



"Portraits: People & Place" Waterford Gallery of Art (WGOA) X91 RR2R 

October 2022 - April 2023

I am delighted that "Red Iron Bridge", my photo reclaiming a special place of tranquility after being stabbed in '95, is included in the @thewaterfordgalleryofart "Portraits, People & Place" exhibition.
This exhibition and 'Our Perspective’ an exhibition of creative responses by @watyoutharts to the current portraits exhibition features 40 artworks from some of Waterford’s’ best young artists and is free to visit & open Weds - Sat 10-5 until 22nd April at WGOA 32-32m O'Connell St, Waterford.

I was especially honoured that my piece was selected by Norah as the 2nd 'Staff Pick':
"I really like this piece because I think the backstory is very interesting and unique. By looking at it on the wall first glance, you wouldn’t think much of it, maybe that it’s a nice picture. But when you learn the story of what happened to her and the significance of the piece it changes your whole perspective. I really like how she uses this picture as her “portrait” because it represents overcoming her fears and as a result of that, this piece is how she views herself. I like how she has taken her fears and trauma ad turned it into art which has helped her to think back to one of her favourite places as a peaceful calming memory rather than a terrifying traumatising one. " - Norah

@creativewaterford Waterford
@waterfordculturalquarter Quarter

"Portraits: People & Place" Waterford Gallery of Art (WGOA) X91 RR2R 

This building-wide exhibition presents over fifty key artworks from the Waterford Art Collection, with a particular focus on the different ways that artists have attempted to depict the essence and personality of people and places within their work.

My piece "Red Iron Bridge" was selected from the Waterford Municipal Art Collection for this exhibition as a portrait of place & time. For me it represents my attempt to reclaim an area of peace & tranquilty which was brutally taken from me when I was attacked & stabbed by a 15 year old boy on a mid-summer evening in 1995.

Carmel Cleary with Red Iron Bridge photograph from Waterford Gallery of Art Portraits People & Place exhibition

I was especially honoured that my piece was chosen by Elle Wadding for the Sound & Portraits commission as part of the Imagine Arts Festival October 22

read more on my "Red Iron Bridge" Collection page

read more about the WGOA Portraits: People & Place exhibition until 22nd April


"Into the Spotlight" group exhibition at Theatre Royal, Waterford,  August to November 2021 


Kilkenny Arts Festival solo exhibition at Rothe House, Kilkenny 5th - 15th August 2021

Carmel with Tony Strickland AKA Fringe Ambassador