Welcome to Art by Carmel where you can view & purchase original artworks by Award-winning Photographer Carmel M Cleary

Are you an "Art collector"?!

Maybe you feel that is collecting art is something only for the rich or the posh! Well, I can assure you, that this is absolutely not the case, as evidenced by every penniless art student who swaps work with their artist friends.

Anyone who has ever purchased any original artwork is an “Art Collector”, no many the size or price of the piece. 

Or maybe you think you don’t have enough space to hang more artworks in your home or office. Now I know many people will be horrified by the very many pieces we have on display in our home; I was inspired by the late John Hunt who had multiple pieces from a medley of artists on every available wall and it looked absolutely wonderful!

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you can never have too many artworks 

We have all been impacted by Covid19 but some industries have been impacted more than most and some are still closed. Both I and my husband run an events display company; we’ve been in business 20 years and are really proud that Focus Visual Communication is synonymous with high quality displays for all kinds of Expos, Conference & Tradeshows, which is where our client’s trade. None of these have yet resumed...

When I was very low back in October due to the 2nd loackdown a good friend reminded me of the many exhibitions I have had over the years. Much of this work was in storage, under our stairs and in the attic! If I am thankful of anything that this strange 2020 year has brought about, it is that I had the free time available to build this website and reconnect with a vital part of myself. My artistic endeavours had necessarily become side-lined over the years as our business continued to grow! Every cloud as they say…. 

If you choose to purchase any piece from www.ArtbyCarmel.com you will be directly helping our family in these strange times we live in.


And in that vein I am pleased to announce that I will also be supporting the Artist’s Pledge. Set up by Matthews Burrows (https://matthewburrows.org/) in response to Covid19, the #ArtistSupportPledge is now a global movement of connected communities committed to an equitable and sustainable economy for artist and makers. Once I have reached €1,000 of sales, I pledge to purchase €200 of work from other artists. And so you will not only be supporting my family but others too!

My only issue will be where on earth to hang my new art purchases lol