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Collection: "Passage" journey of exploration

Handprinted b&w photographs over 8ft tall inspire the viewer to imagine they can walk in to explore the hidden depths of the sensuous corkscrew canyons of Arizona. Carved & sculpted by flashfloods the canyons firey reds & oranges reflect the desert above.

John Hunt curated the “Passage” exhibition collection and did me the massive honour of writing the catalogue foreword:

 “As this exhibition clearly demonstrates, Carmel is an artist of extraordinary talent with a clear vision of what she wants to do, and in total command of her camera. She is also an artist with sufficient confidence and ambition to print her images to a massive scale…

This Antelope Canyon series is an extraordinary achievement by an extraordinary artist. The images were made to achieve their potential in a gallery context. This is what makes this exhibition a visual arts experience never to be forgotten.

At the end of the day, Carmel Cleary is one of those very few artist photographers whose work is better seen in a gallery rather than in a magazine context.”

John Hunt, curator of ‘Passage’


Carmel's works feature in Aideen Henry's book of poetry "Hands Moving at the Speed of Falling Snow" which she launched at "from the mountains to the sea" exhibition at Tramore Coastguard Arts Centre in September 2010

"Hands Moving at the Speed of Falling Snow (Salmon Poetry) is the imaginative title of the debut collection by Galway native Aideen Henry. 

Salmon has a reputation for producing stylish books but here, Salmon exceeds even its own usual high standards. The colour photographs by Carmel Cleary, arranged throughout the book's 10 sections, have an intriguing beauty.

Where others would inflate their language, and bluster; Henry is clinical. In 'Kissing Cousins' she zooms in on childhood with a rare lack of sentiment. 'Over And Back', 'On The Couch', 'Hairshirt', and 'Femme Fatale Speaks' are unsettling in the way the best poems always are.
They drip with menace and loss and intelligence and confirm that Aideen Henry has no more emerging to do as poet. She has arrived."

Review: by Kevin Higgins, The Galway Advertiser, Thursday 2nd September 2010

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